Don't Let Your Unfinished Degree Haunt Your Career Forever
Don't Let Your Unfinished Degree Haunt Your Career Forever

Don’t Let Your Unfinished Degree Haunt Your Career Forever

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There’s something to be said about today’s job market more or less using college degrees as filters for job applications. It’s almost as if employers are profiling what type of resumes they’ll receive just because they require you to have a college degree.

Is this true? Not likely, I know a lot of people whom I started college with and went on to finish but in my opinion won’t make fantastic employees. What ever happened to good old fashioned experience? I guess at some point we just need to realize the old saying of if you can’t beat em join em.

So if we want to join them where the heck do we start? Well that’s easy a college degree, ok maybe not so easy. If you’re like me you likely started to attend college after high school, but got lured into the job world before you could finish. I had the best intentions of completing my bachelor of commerce before I started making more money, and seeing what it would be like to not live the poor student life. There is light at the end of our tunnel how ever.

Distance education used to be something that we’d hear about on infomercials that came on at two in the morning when we couldn’t sleep. You can call the number on the screen and soon enough we’d have all the materials we needed to study to become what ever it was we desired to become. Well guess what today it’s even easier then that. Thanks to the Internet Colleges have become smart enough to realize that they can offer courses and complete online degrees totally over the Internet. So what does this do for the average Joe such as you or myself?

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First off it makes it easier to not disrupt our regular day-to-day lives, but allow us to earn a degree working around our schedule. Something you cannot do at a brick and mortar school. Try convincing the registrars office to change the time slot of accounting 101 for you, doesn’t work so well.

Secondly, you don’t always have to wait until the next semester starts to enroll for courses at an online college offering distance education. That’s right, Often schools start new classes at the beginning of each month. This means, you can start faster and finish faster. Since you’re not in a classroom environment often you can complete a course in only a couple of months and then move onto the next one.

Are online degrees as prestigious as one you’d earn offline? Well I’ll leave that up to you to decide? Are you going back to school to earn a degree you can brag about to your friends or are you doing it to advance your career? If you enroll in an online degree program that is accredited by the local agency in your state then the paper you get when you graduate is every bit as good as one you’d receive from a brick and mortar school. Most employers just want to know you have it, their going to train you to do things the way they want them done anyways.

If you take anything away from this, let it be that if you’re wishing you had finished your education, you still can. Don’t sit around thinking about it take action, most schools allow you to request free information about their programs and courses. Take some time to browse the different programs available in your area of interest, and then make and educated decision on whether distance learning online is a viable solution for you.

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